What I Eat: Modified Paleo

January 19, 2013

in Kitchen and Bar

what-i-eat-modified-paleoSeems like everyone is on a either a trendy diet or a juice fast in January.  I’m no exception- but I also wanted to share a little bit about how I got here.  I read about Paleo (grain & dairy free) on quite a few blogs, and was blown away at the results that people shared.  Better skin, more energy, less brain fog, toned bodies, mood shifts, world peace, etc.  You get the picture.  It almost seems like every modern ailment can be blamed on gluten intolerance.  But since I’ve been concerned lately with overall, holistic health (business, physical, mental, emotional) I decided to look into this a little further.  I started doing yoga and meditating.  I traded in the bar life on a Friday night for a Michael Chabon novel and some tea.  I hired a health/business/life coach and not only did she encourage me to look at the overall health of my business, but she also suggested I get a food allery/intolerance test.  I was super excited about this, because I love to find more things out about myself so that I can continue to improve and feel more authentic with my life.


I wasn’t prepared to get these results, though.  And I had no idea how to interpret them.  Luckily, Emily gave me a breakdown of more severe intolerances to less severe ones and clued me in to understanding that stress affects diet, diet affects digestive health and digestive health affects stress, and so on.  I tested highly sensitive to dairy and gluten, and slightly less sensitive (but sensitive nonetheless) to alcohol and caffeine.  So for the past 2 weeks or so, I’ve been on a modified Paleo diet.  I don’t eat dairy, drink alcohol, have caffeine, or eat most grains.  Though I do eat hearty, gluten free grains, like quinoa.  It’s certainly a learning curve, but I feel better.  Maybe it’s just my mind set and making health/diet a real priority can do wonders for one’s feeling like they are actually making improvements to their life.  I’ll keep you posted on this new journey, for now it’s a lot of fun but it’s really challenging to come up with recipes that taste good and also stay within my boundaries.  What new health initiatives have you taken on in this new year?


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