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Inspiring Studio Spaces with Charles & Ray Eames

February 3, 2013

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As I re-design the blog, I’ve been hoping to add more categories, ones that really speak to and inspire me.  Since I’ve been trained as an architect, it was really a natural inclination to want to share the creative work spaces of designers around the world.  I couldn’t think of a better example to start with than that of the husband and wife duo of Charles and Ray Eames. They are not only icons of design in my life, they are also the best examples of how design is about thought, and how it should be incorporated into daily life, not put up on a shelf to only be admired.  There is much to learn from this dynamic duo, about the intersection of design and life.  As Charles Eames once said, ” Design is a life skill, not a professional skill.”  Our work spaces can say so much about how we are inspired and how we think.  I love the juxtaposition of these two spaces.  One is creative chaos, with a chair turned in on that jumble of imagery and text.  The other (Charles’ desk) is ordered and seems to have breathing room, and is facing out into the open.  We all work differently, and neither is right or wrong, but both are necessary to our own creative process.  I find myself struggling between the two.  I tend to be more like Ray and her creative chaos, but sometimes get overwhelmed and need to clean and create order so that I can think again.

I’m so excited to write about these two and share their respective studio spaces with you all.  They inspire me beyond by ability to communicate, so I’m also sharing a Ted Talk by their grandson that might help to introduce them to you.  They embody so much of why I became a designer, and why I went to architecture school.  For me, it is to tackle life’s daily problems with an open, creative and loving mind.  It is to look at problems from the smallest detail to the largest and find solutions that bridge that gap.  It is very much a simple, humanist process for me, and I think it was for them, as well.

Below are more inspiring studio spaces.  If you’d like to be featured on the blog, please email me at and I’ll provide details.  Enjoy!


studio space-1

studio space-2

studio space-3

studio space-4

{Most photos were sourced from Decor8}


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