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February 15, 2013

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This is a new category that I’ll be posting about every Monday morning.  One awesome thing I look forward to every Sunday is lazily reading the Sunday New York Times, tea in hand while brunching.  There is so much to learn and be inspired by and I’m excited to begin sharing my favorite articles, book reviews and images.  This week I also have a book club review on Sunday, so there will be a lot for me to say on Monday ;)

Mindfulness + Learning to Live What You Do

From last week’s times, I read an article title “The Art of Being Still,” by Silas House.  It’s a wonderful article about learning how to live our own hectic lives in service of what we do- in this instance, writing.  House encourages people to be mindful or live in the moment, saying, “This way of being must be something that we have to turn off instead of actively turn on.  It must be the way we live.”  So, instead of waiting for the right moment, or for life to slow down, we need to infuse our lives with what we love in small tangible ways every day.

takeaway:  discover something new every day, find beauty / fun / excitement in life’s small details

And Happy Valentine’s Day!

Let’s talk about how couples fight……right?!  Eli J. Finkel shares research about couples turning their fights into “short-story workshops” that allow each other to see the fight from an outside perspective by writing about it.  I know people aren’t much into delving into their fights, but man if you can come away from arguments/disagreements (which always exist in long term relationships) with some constructive action that can change your patterns of going over the same things again and again, I’d say it’s worth it!

takeaway:  Learn to see things from other points of view, analyze your own style of disagreeing and you might just solve your own problems and be able to focus on the happy moments.

I hope you like the new feature, and I can’t wait to share more of my finds!

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