The Cleveland Flea mini market

February 26, 2013

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Wow- what at weekend!  Carrie and I hosted our first Cleveland Flea market and also helped plan and brand Cleveland’s first ever Kurentovanje Winter Festival.  It welcomed over 2000 people to the St. Clair Superior Neighborhood, Cleveland’s newest place to be.  We had a proclamation delivered by the Councilman, shots of slivovitz, polka and lots of good shopping.  I can only imagine what the next CLE FLEA will bring on April 13th!  To join in the fun by vending, apply here.


I’d also like to thank the many “makers” that made the show what it was.  Without them, none of this could have happened.  For a full list of who attended and to keep tabs on who’s going to be there for the next CLE Flea, stop on over at our website.  I’m excited at what this endeavor brings to my community of creatives.  We now have a pop-up space where we will be featuring artists and launching them the evening before the Flea, with a party at their space and workshop tutorial from them and a cool dinner designed to pair up to their aesthetic.  So, for the first one, Alex Loos will be showing his work and hopefully we’ll pair that with a more rustic, farmhouse style dinner.  I like to call these “creative mashups” and you’ll be sure to see more of them in the coming months!


We must also thank The Slovenian National Home, and all my new friends on the planning committee for Kurentovanje.  They provided endless support and humor during our many meetings (not to mention some Slovenian wine), and are really a force in the revitalization efforts of this neighborhood.  Michael Fleming, the executive director of St. Clair Superior Development Corporation, and his staff worked so hard and have so much passion behind these projects, and I can’t wait to see what they come up with next. He’ll be speaking at TedXCLE this year, so he must be someone to watch!  A special thank you to Suzanne, who captured the essence behind the day so beautifully.

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