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Head in the clouds, feet on the ground.

April 9, 2013

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It’s Tuesday and only 3 days before a big project I’ve been working on launches–The Cleveland Flea.  I’m at once thrilled, and terrified.  I was chatting with a friend today and came upon this thought.  I struggle to live in the clouds, all ambitious and inspired, yet am constantly brought back down to earth, and sometimes have an extremely hard time even picking one toe up off the ground without convincing myself that I’m irresponsible, or worse, just not good enough to pull things off.  How am I going to soar that way?  You see, we all have ambitions and want to live with purpose (well, I would hope we all do).  At least my clients, creative entrepreneurs, want to live this way.  But it is a struggle.

Maybe this happens to you as well.  I am almost overflowing with amazing ideas.  Things that inspire me, things that make me feel alive, things I want to do and see and create.  That’s not the problem.  What happens as soon as those ideas start to gain footing?  I’m paralyzed.  By fear, overwhelm, uncertainty (will anyone come to the Flea??) and pesky little thoughts creep back into my head, like:

  1. Why did I take on so much?
  2. I shouldn’t have even gotten involved in this.
  3. I feel terribly out of control.
  4. What if it fails?
  5. Should I stop this whole entrepreneurial thing and just get a real job?

But, take heart my friends, this is fear and vulnerability creeping up on us.  And one thing I’ve definitely learned from Brene Brown is that you cannot numb these emotions if you’d also like to experience the joys and highs once you’ve achieved and surpassed these seemingly impossible feats.  Risk will be scary, otherwise it’s not risk, and probably not worth it.

I’ll elaborate more on this over at Indie Foundry, and have a little handy guide to help you beat back those negative thoughts when you’re trying to live in the clouds.






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