Choosing the Right Janitorial Service for Your Business

Before you allow anyone to come to your place of business need to make sure you can trust them, after all these are the people who will come after hours to clean your facility.

They will have your keys and alarm code, but the reality is that not many janitorial services run thorough background checks on their employees. The first thing you should do your bid-ask the representative if every employee fingerprinted and background checked, do not be shy to ask because it can save you headaches in the future.

There are various janitorial cleaning franchises for sale available online.

The second thing and the most important thing that most companies forget to check is for liability insurance coverage, today any claim janitorial service licensed, bonded, and insured but the reality is that most businesses forget to verify this at the point of signing up for the service.

This is very important because accidents can happen, and if something goes wrong you do not want to waste your time going to court to collect money from someone who can not even afford public liability insurance. The minimum insurance coverage you should look for is for one million dollars.

The third point is to try to stay away from the contract, regardless of how close the representation and what a good deal you are offered it is always worth paying a little extra for the convenience of not tied to a commitment of one year or more. It gives you scalability, another word for scalability: flexibility.

Outsourcing allows you to easily adjust the level of staff for operations at the facilities needed basis, helping you control operating costs and easy to adjust for changes in the needs of the staff and the service.