Know Every Truth About Permanent Makeup

As summer approaches, the dream of having makeup that will not melt in the sun, or washing in water, inspiring many women to explore the permanent cosmetic procedures. However, many are intimidated by the "immortality" of Makeup Permanent, or scared away by horror stories from friends who've had treatment and was left with uneven eyebrows, eyeliner bent or purple lips.

If you are a busy woman and do not have enough time to enhance your beauty then get your permanent makeup done by the professional companies like Camouflaged By Sara . Here's the truth about Permanent Makeup and some tips to help you avoid disaster:

1) Permanent Makeup is a tattoo: True

The enduring eyebrows, eyeliner, lip color and a mark of beauty procedures, called Permanent Makeup, which helps women look "made-up" every moment is created by implanting pigment just under the surface of the skin using a needle, thereby qualifying the treatment as a tattoo. Because of the nature of a lasting, permanent Makeup appeal to women who are camping, traveling, swimming, as well as those who are allergic, shaky hands, or poor eyesight.

2) Permanent Makeup is permanent: False

Just because Permanent Makeup tattoo is no guarantee that it will last forever. In fact, it is extremely rare for a person to actually maintain Permanent Makeup forever. Internal and external factors cause the pigments to fade slowly and evenly at different levels for different people. While tattoos body covered with clothing most of the time, we face exposed to the sun almost every day: and as the sun oxidizes the paint on the car, it reduces the pigment in the thin skin of the face.