I’m Stephanie, and I run a branding and marketing company called Indie Foundry.  I’m trained as an Architect, but after the firm I worked for closed due to an unstable economy, I decided to blaze my own path and start a creative business.  I used my DIY spirit to learn screen printing and crafting custom wedding invitations and then began to connect with other small business owners who needed logos, packaging design, photography and websites.  Now I fully dedicate myself to helping the creative entrepreneur navigate those tricky waters of self-employment.  And I have also become kind of life-coachy in the process.  You see, my path since I moved to Cleveland (six years ago) got a little rocky.  A shitty economy, a failed marriage and a new city all lead to me losing myself, and really hitting rock bottom.  I’ve learned a lot through my own mistakes and self reflection, and began sharing the rebuilding of my life through my business and new values here on this blog.  I focus a lot of authenticity, spirituality, the work/life overlap and honing in on your purpose in life.

Hello Parfait is my personal blog where I get to take a break from my day job of branding, marketing, lecturing, and running The Cleveland Flea market.  I mostly talk about issues facing creatives, inspiring messages, my personal journey on this path to discovering meaning in life, food, travel, Cleveland and my general desire to be a combination of Lady Gaga & Lisbeth Salander.

The mission of this blog is to inspire and connect through authenticity, praise the people who are brave enough to put themselves out there, and to get readers talking about the work/life overlap in a meaningful way. I focus special attention on Cleveland, where I live, the rise of the creative economy, and how we can support a more life-centered work.

I love sharing my experiences, but without all the people who read Hello Parfait, write to me, and make comments, I would not have anywhere near the motivation to keep it going. Of course, not everyone agrees with my opinions, which is fine. I want to know what readers think and welcome disagreement. That said, I will not tolerate trolls and abusive comments will be deleted. Sorry, Hello Parfait isn’t a democracy and if you want to rant, get your own blog!

Thanks for reading!

Where to Find Me

Visit my professional site or stay connected on Facebook and Instagram.

Work with me

I work with Creative Entrepreneurs in a few ways.

Branding + Visioning // Website Design & Consulting // Workshops + Classes for Creatives // Custom Design + Build

I love my job.  I give life to small and micro-businesess with design, strategic thinking and old-fashioned elbow grease.  Need a logo?  We can do that.  How about an installation for a cool new event? Sure!  And what about a website?  You’ve come to the right place.  Whether your business is just an idea, or a well-established one in need of a new look, we can most certainly put our heads together and create something just perfect!