Month: May 2019

Life Coaching: week 6

I’ve recently hired a life coach, and this is my series documenting my journey through this process. Each Tuesday for 6 weeks, I meet with Kathleen via phone and have a 45 minute session. We go over last week’s homework, talk about thoughts I’m having (good and not so good), set goals and look deeper into ways that I can create more of the life I love.

MANTRA for the past 7 days: LIVE IT

HOMEWORK: My 4 Values

This week, I was tasked with writing out my 4 values. Values that I stand for, that I would like to live by, that should infuse themselves into my everyday. First things, first. I actually looked up the word. According to Google, the definition of values is “a person’s principles or standards of behavior; one’s judgment of what is important in life.” Further expanded into personal values (vs ethical, social, aesthetic values), wikipedia suggests that “Personal values provide an internal reference for what is good, beneficial, important, useful, beautiful, desirable, constructive, etc. Values generate behaviorand help solve common human problems for survival by comparative rankings of value, the results of which provide answers to questions of why people do what they do and in what order they choose to do them.”

What I’m gathering about why I should be writing down my values, is that I can put them into practice daily in order to generate behavior that will then further enforce my values. In a cyclical and tangible way, this should positively affect my life and further strengthen those values. This sounds pretty simple, but I find myself rushing through the day, and by the end of it, I haven’t made time for those things that are important to me. By defining my values each morning, I’m planning my day around what makes me feel great. My values become a soundboard for making decisions. It’s pretty easy- if it violates my base values, then I don’t do it, or I find another way. Behavior and thoughts over time can become habit, the they’re just a part of how you live life- in a way that supports your soul.

My 4 Values:

1- Kindness to others and self

2- Honesty

3- Being vulnerable

4- Learning/growing from each day

My values reflect the journey I’ve been on over the last few years- one of struggle, disappointment and facing some difficult realities about myself. But in an effort to embody my values, I must be kind to myself instead of judging, honest about what happened, vulnerable enough to share with those I deem worthy of that trust and have the ability to learn and grow from that experience.

What are your values?

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